Digital Artwork

Digital art is my primary medium.  I love exploring and pushing the boundaries of what I can create with digital illustration.  Digital art is one of the most accessible mediums of today, and often explored by children at an early age on their family's computer.  I aim to combine the aesthetics of vibrant colors and computer effects/filters with the more subdued, textured feel of traditional media.

The Stag (2022)

Polyphemus (2022)

Hand (of God), Outstretched (2022)

Digital Angel III (2022)

The Hare (The Wolf) (2022)

Cottontail Brain (2022)

Angel of Encouragement (2022)

Bite Back (2022)

My Body Is My Own (2022)

I’m So Proud of Our Little Life That We’ve Built Together (2022)

In/Out of Body (2022)

Wherever You Go, I Will Go (2022)

Untitled (2022)

If I Were a Flower, Would You Still Love Me? (2022)

Steam Apparition (2022)

Violet Martyr (Pietà) (2020)

Diana (2020)

Mushrooms of Tappan Square (2018)