Traditional Artwork

I work in a variety of traditional media, including watercolor, colored pencil, ink, acrylic, and oil paint.  I also frequently experiment with lino printmaking.

Judith and No One Else (2022)

Magic (for Ashton)(2022) (Gouache on Canvas)

Nala (for Charlie)(2022) (Gouache on Canvas)

Pooh (for Saint)(2022) (Gouache on Canvas)

Untitled (2022) (Gouache on Canvas)

Wallace (for Genevieve) (2022) (Gouache on Panel)

Deep Sea Friend I (2021) (Colored Pencil on Black Paper)

Untitled (2021)(Gouache, Acrylic Paint, and Oil Pastel on Paper)

Other Traditions (2021) (Marker on MDF Board)

Morays (2021) (Acrylic Paint and Oil Pastel on Paper)

Oarfish (2021) (Acrylic Paint, Gouache, and Oil Pastel on Paper)

The Lovers (2020) (Lino Print)

Rigor Mortis (2020) (Acrylic Paint Marker on Paper)